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Monday, August 4, 2014

ARC Review: The Bad Baron's Daughter by Laura London

The Bad Baron's Daughter
The Bad Baron's Daughter by Laura London
Publication date: April 1, 2014
Publisher: Forever Yours
 Amazon B&N | Goodreads
~~Reviewed by Debbie~~
They first met at a The Merry Maidenhead. Kathleen Janette Kendricks, (Katie) the daughter of a gambling Baron Kendricks,  and  Lesley Byrne, Lord Linden,  a rake of rakes.   The gin shop was owned by Zack, Katie’s half-brother, who was watching over Katie while her father was missing. Katie was dressed as a young man, serving drinks and making friends with the other bar-girl, Winnie, who is involved in the revolution. 

When Lord Linden saved Katie from a drunk, Nasty Ned, twice, he finally recognized her as the young lady she was.  In order to protect her, Zack takes her to Lord Linden’s house, sure he will make her his mistress. (Evidently, the Baron had made Zack promise to make her someone’s mistress if he did not return, as this would provide for her)  Becoming his mistress would provide the protection she needed from Nasty Ned. Kate is totally unaware of the plan, she thinks Zack is taking her to a friends house for her protection.  Katie denies Lesley, Lord Linden, of making love.  In his drunken state, he leaves her room and tells her to lock the door.  

The next day, not knowing what to do with her, he goes to the runners and finds out no one knows where the Baron is.  That evening he has to leave to go to his Grandmere’s ball.  Katie is to stay in his home and he will spend the night elsewhere.  When he is gone, someone tries to break into his house, calling out for Katie.  Scared, she runs to Lesley’s Grandmere’s house, in her nightgown.  The scandal

Not knowing what to do, Lesley brings Katie to Laurel Steele’s house, his on and off lover.  Laurel wanted nothing to do with Katie, specially after learning who was her father.  After much persuasion, Laurel agress.  This frees Lesley to look for the Baron, but has no luck. 

Meanwhile, Laurel is so jealous of the attention Lesley gives Katie, makes Katie stay in her room. Lesley finds himself thinking of Katie, and takes her out from time to time.  What  time he spends with her, the stronger his feelings are for her.  Unable to find her father troubles him plus the fact Nasty Ned or someone is still trying to kidnap Katie.  Why is what Lesley doesn’t understand.  

When Lesley travels to look for Baron Kendricks, Ivo Guy, a gentleman claiming to be a Katie’s mother cousin, comes to collect Katie and take her to her family.  Laurel is suspicious of Ivo, but wanting rid of Katie, says she should go.  Katie, feeling that she is trouble to Lesley, and that he would never care for her as she does him, agrees to leave.  When Lesley returns, he finds Katie gone.  Who is Ivo Guy? Why does he want Katie?  Lesley should just forget her and go on with his carefree life, but will he? What happened to Baron Kendricks?  And why was Nasty Ned so determined to kill Katie?

There are twist and turns in The Bad Baron’s Daughter.  Just when you think Lesley and Katie might fall for each other, they are split apart.  I am a open minded reader, I think just because the “ton” behaved in such a way with it’s rules, there are always some that broke the rules.  That’s why I could give credence to a Lord taking in a lady, protecting her and trying to find her father.  But it was a bit unbelievable that the place he would have her stay was a courtesan house.  I do feel this book did not have a build up of romance between Lesley and Katie.  A ride in the park one time, didn’t build up much romantic tension between them.  The secondary characters added somewhat to the book.  Drew, Lesley’s brother, added more humor to the story. A few others were introduced in the book, but didn’t have a lot to do with the story. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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