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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Discussion: What's on Your Shelf?

When I was a baby, my father made two bookcases for my room. We were always a reading family, and books were frequently given as presents, which always suited me fine. While my dad did try his best to steer my reading in a more factual direction, I naturally gravitated to fairy tales, legends and myths. Even as a tender young sprout, if the story ended in "they lived happily ever after," it was going on those shelves.  As I grew, picture books and fairy tale collections gave way to what would now be termed young adult fiction, vintage comics and then my true love, historical romance. The pastel bookcases found their way down to the basement, but when it was time to close my dad's house, I knew I had to have those bookcases and I knew that they couldn't house merely any old books. 

Behind the "D" in the "dance," you'll see the very same copy of The Kadin by Bertrice Small, the book that started me on the amazing adventure that is historical romance, so it was only natural that my very first bookshelf would hold my very first book in my favorite genre, and the literally dozens of books written by the author who showed me how sumptous, exciting and educational the world of historical romance could be. It's one of the first things I see when I go into my office, and, no matter how long it's been since a reread of any of the books on that shelf, it's like waving hello to dear old friends, always there for me when I need them. 

Next to this shelf, there's a newer bookcase, this one store-bought, and filled with books of a different criteria. The top shelf has my most pressing TBR books, as my default summer reading plan is to clear off that shelf before acquiring too many more books. Yes, you may all pause now for knowing laughter. The existing books will be read, but I have to admit there are now three more books starting a second row of TBR books, and that will probably grow. Even so, I feel the same sense of welcome from the TBR bookcase as I do from my old favorites.  These stories, too, are waiting for me to open their covers and enter their worlds. 

If you're anything like me, bookshelf snooping is second nature, so let's do some cyber-peeking. Do you have special bookshelves dedicated to certain authors, series or genres? How do you organize them? Are your bookshelves on display for all to see, or reserved for private use only? Even for those who are digital only, do you peek at your friends' bookcases when you visit? Tell us everything. 


  1. For me I only have one bookshelf. I use it for lots of things besides just holding my books. It's also a desk and a place to place things on. But as for my books on it, it's two rows deep filled with books; both read and TBR books. The read books are hiding at the back though while the TBR books are in the front. That makes it difficult for when I want to grab that one book I read years ago....

    And then many of the TBR books ended up piling on top of my drawer. They just had nowhere else to go! But then I got myself a wallshelf thinking it'll solve my overflowing book problems. It did for a month. Now my bookshelf, wall shelf, and drawer is overflowing with books, mainly TBR books! Now that's terrible. And not just that but I also have piles of books forming on the floor.... *sighs*

    But since my books are in my room, no one sees how hectic it is with my book problem. And for some weird reason, my friends don't have bookshelves. 0.0

  2. Anna Carrasco BowlingJune 7, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    ki pha, I cannot imagine life without bookshelves. Books placed two deep on the shelves always make me happy; no chance of running out of new reads.

  3. I not only have bookcases that traveled with me from the last move, an entire wall of my downstairs family room is built-in bookcases. Which are full. :)

  4. Anna Carrasco BowlingJune 8, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    Corrina, I love your bookshelves already. Best kind of wall covering, IMO.



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