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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Interview with Erin Knightley & Release Day of The Baron Next Door (+ Special Teaser)

Buried Under Romance is pleased to welcome Erin Knightley for an interview of her new release, The Baron Next Door!
About The Book:
Charity Effington learned two valuable lessons from her first betrothal: 
1) When one loses the attention of an earl, one gains the attention of every gossip in London. 
2) Despite the lingering scandal, she’s not prepared to marry for anything less than love. 

After an exhausting Season, Bath’s first annual music festival offers Charity the perfect escape. Between her newly formed trio and her music-loving grandmother, Charity is free to play the pianoforte to her heart’s content. That is, until their insufferably rude, though undeniably handsome, neighbor tells her to keep the “infernal racket” to a minimum.

Hugh Danby, Baron Cadgwith, may think he’s put an end to the noise, but he has no idea what he’s begun. Though the waters of Bath provide relief from the suffering of his war injuries, he finds his new neighbor bothersome, vexing, and…inexplicably enchanting. Before long, Hugh suspects that even if his body heals, it’s his heart that might end up broken.

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I'm so excited to have Erin over for this interview!! :D

Mary: What inspired your Prelude to a Kiss series?

Erin: A couple of things contributed to this series. The first was how much I had loved Bath when I visited several years ago. Just a glorious city, with a gorgeous countryside and a rich history. When I was looking for something outside of the London ballroom scene, Bath was definitely the first place to come to mind! The music part of the series came from the fact that both Charity and Sophie were already musicians, so a music festival seemed like a fun reason to bring them together. And lastly, I am a sucker for a summer love story.

As Charity was such a sweet and kind secondary character in A Taste for Scandal, how did you think of pairing her up with a rather moody baron?

Erin: Ha! Poor Charity – she is a sweetheart, and I’m such a meanie for pairing her with Hugh. Seriously, though, I wanted a hero for her that would benefit from that compassionate nature of hers, while at the same time, teaching her to step out of her comfort zone and reach for what she wants in life. 

Charity is a very talented pianist and composer, yet she was disrespected by her male counterparts. Is she based upon a historical figure, or her situation modeled after such?

Erin: She is not based on anyone in particular. As you probably have noticed, there is a remarkable lack of lady composers from the era.  That alone is enough to intrigue me. There had to have been woman composing at that time, whether they were remembered or not. Charity is how I imagine a woman of her talents would have been received. Interestingly enough, her talents are based on my own brother’s! Without ever having had a formal lesson, he taught himself to play piano, cello, and guitar, and even began composing on his own. He applied and was accepted into a prestigious music program in college, which was practically unheard of for someone without formal training.

In Regency romance, highborn ladies are often given lessons in watercolors, pianoforte, and an array of other "feminine" accomplishments. Yet, as Charity demonstrates such remarkable talent in the pianoforte, why does her parents rather forbid her from pursuing her musical passion?

Erin: Her mother felt it common of Charity to think herself better than the great composers. Her parents disliked her ‘thinking for herself,’ so to speak. It was clear to me from the beginning that her parents wanted a talented yet malleable daughter who would behave exactly as instructed. That includes sticking to the music they felt was proper!

Seeing as Hugh and Charity's initial opinion of each other was akin to "neighbors from hell," how did you handle their transition to romantic interests?

Erin: This is always the trickiest part of a ‘hate at first sight’ type romance. For me, the balcony scenes where both critical and pivotal to their relationship. Alone in the dark, especially after one of Hugh’s episodes, there was a stripping away of all but the deepest parts of them. It was how they could begin to see each other in a different light. This is why I love the cover of this book so much!

If you could pick your favorite paragraph from the book, what would it be?

Erin: I worked long and hard in my attempt to properly describe what it was like when Charity played Hugh’s song for him. I listened to a song my brother had written over and over as I wrote, and I am very pleased with the final mood of that scene.
Here is a bit of it:
As she gave herself over to the music, her mind filled with dark, slowly evolving images.Shadows in the night, cast by silvery moonlight through softly swaying leaves.Gently drifting clouds sliding along an indigo sky.Undulating wisps of wood smoke curling from a chimney in the predawn hush.The shapes elongated and narrowed, rounded out and stretched thin. Her hands moved over the keys with a grace she’d never before possessed as she gave life to the music within her. She allowed each note to stand, to rise from the steel strings from which it was born, and roll out like ribbons from a maypole, caught in a night wind.
If you’d like to hear the inspiration song, go to and click on ‘Extras.’

Care to share some teasers about your second Prelude to a Kiss novel, The Earl I Adore?

Erin: Oooo – my first request for this! I haven’t yet done the copy edits, so please excuse any typos or error. This scene is after Sophie discovers she has only 2 weeks before her family’s scandal is discovered. She must convince the earl to marry her, but first she has to find the wherewithal to actually talk to him! Lucky for Sophie, her friend May knows just what she needs:- Teaser:
Step One, being in the same room with the man, could officially be considered accomplished. Step Two, having him fall in love with her and Step Three, accepting his proposal were surely right around the corner now. She bit her lip against a slightly deranged laugh. This was hopeless.
Already the butterflies had taken flight in her belly, and he wasn’t even within speaking distance. Did the man have to fill out his jacket quite so well? Really, if he could have a bit of a humpback, or a face full of spots, perhaps, then maybe she wouldn’t feel quite so thoroughly out of her league.
No such luck. He was perfect, with gorgeous shining mahogany hair just long enough to tie back in a dashing tail, and a jaw that was surely the envy of statues everywhere. Lord Derington stood at his side, but instead of dwarfing the earl, the comparison actually only served to make Dering seem oafish and Evan just right.
She dropped down from her toes and sighed. Oh, why had she eaten supper tonight? She should have known her stomach would be rioting at the prospect of actually going over and talking to the man. Putting a hand to her middle, Sophie started edging back to the door.
She couldn’t do this. The sort of bravery such things required was beyond little mousy her. She would simply have to return home, learn a trade, and be self sufficient for the rest of her life. Or perhaps there was a great need for oboists that she hadn’t known about, but for which she would be perfect. Or even better, she and her youngest sister Pippa could join forces, triumphing in the underserved niche of oboe and viola duettists.
 “Where do you think you are going?”
Fiddlesticks. Sophie smiled guiltily and met May’s stern expression. “Nowhere, why?”
“I know a retreat when I see one, Sophie Wembley, and I shan’t let you get away with it.” She stood tall and straight, as effective a barrier as a silk-draped stone wall.
“I was afraid of that.” Wrinkling her nose, Sophie sent her friend a rueful glance. “Where is Charity when she’s needed? She would understand the deep and abiding need to flee.”
“She’ll be back soon enough. In the meantime, you have me.” Despite her firm tone, May’s aquamarine eyes were soft. Looping her arm around Sophie’s elbow, she pulled her close. “You deserve a future, my dear. And the clock is ticking before news of the scandal breaks. This is not the time to turn tail and run. Now, chin up, breasts out, and go forth and enchant your man.”

About Erin Knightley:
Despite being an avid reader and closet writer her whole life, Erin Knightley decided to pursue a sensible career in science. It was only after earning her B.S. and working in the field for years that she realized doing the sensible thing wasn't any fun at all. Following her dreams, Erin left her practical side behind and now spends her days writing, her mind happily in the Regency period as she types away on her very modern laptop. Together with her tall, dark, and handsome husband and their three spoiled mutts, she is living her own Happily Ever After in North Carolina.
For more about her award-winning and best-selling novels -- or to see a picture of her wrapped in Mr. Darcy, er, Colin Firth's arms -- visit
Thanks so much for the interview, Erin! :) I'm so pleased to celebrate your book birthday on here for The Baron Next Door. Hope everyone will enjoy Charity and Hugh as much as I do! ^_^


  1. the book sounds freally good thanks denise smith

  2. Hi Erin! As you know, I have been a fan of all of your other books! Can't wait to read this!

  3. A great interview. I can't wait to read this.



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