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Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Emily Greenwood & Book Giveaway

Buried Under Romance is pleased to welcome Emily Greenwood for an interview of her upcoming book, Mischief by Moonlight! This the 3rd book in her Regency Mischief series. :)

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One lucky commenter will win a copy of Mischief By Moonlight (US/CAN only!) Enter via the Rafflecopter at the bottom~

About The Book:
With the night so full of romance...

Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood, never dreamed he'd desire another man's fiancée, but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy, he falls under her sparkling spell.

Who can resist mischief?

Josie can't wait for the return of her long-absent fiancé. If only her beloved sister might find someone, too...someone like the handsome, reserved Colin. A gypsy's love potion gives Josie the chance to matchmake, but the wild results reveal her own growing passion for the earl. And though fate offers them a chance, a steely honor may force him to reject what her reckless heart is offering...

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Mary: Thanks for coming here today, Emily! 

What was the inspiration behind Mischief by Moonlight?

Emily: I love a friends-to-lovers story, and I have a soft spot for those still-waters-run-deep guys, so these angles got me started. And a love potion seemed like the perfect way to start forcing my tall, dark, and reserved hero, Colin, the Earl of Ivorwood, out of his comfort zone.

How are the books in your Regency Mischief series connected?

Emily: They all have a mischief element, something that’s meant to add a note of playfulness, like the love potion my heroine, Josie, gives Colin in Mischief by Moonlight. Or the sheep that some people think are haunted in Gentlemen Prefer Mischief. Also, there are connections between the men—James, the hero of A Little Night Mischief, is the cousin of Hal, the hero of Gentlemen, and Hal and Colin are friends.

Mischief by Moonlight seems like the darkest story out of your books; what made you write such emotionally tormented characters in this book?

Emily: My favorite kinds of stories are ones that make me smile while also tugging on my heartstrings, and I hoped to give readers that kind of experience with Moonlight. At the start of the story, Josie and Colin are already good friends, which is a great foundation for a relationship, but I think love always wants us to dig deeper, so some torment was in order J. I wanted them to explore what love might mean for them-- for the person each of them is-- and because they’re both honorable people, they’re bound to be tormented by the fact that Josie is engaged to Colin’s best friend.

In this book, Colin Pearce could have virtually any lady, being a handsome earl, so what attracted him so fiercely to Josie?

Emily: He’s an introvert and a writer of history books, and while he was happy enough before knowing Josie, maybe he was too willing to exist on the margins of life, alone in his country manor with his books and papers. Josie is lively and playful, someone who likes doing instead of observing, which Colin is so good at. She has a sparkle that fascinates him, and her spontaneity takes him places he’d never have dreamed of going.

What kind of obstacles do you like to set for your characters? And how do you determine them?

Emily: I think we all have qualities that keep us from loving as fully as we can, or things about ourselves that we’re blind to, so I try to create obstacles that force characters to face these areas that need a little light shined on them. To help determine the obstacles, I think about how a character’s virtues can also be weaknesses. For instance, Josie is impulsive, which sometimes opens doors for her, but it also causes her to involve herself in things without considering carefully, and that can have a cost. And Colin has developed a great deal of self-control, but it may keep him from allowing himself to love.

What's coming next for you?
Emily: My next book will be the first in a new Regency series. It’s the story of a tomboyish woman who’s forced to flee her home when some nude drawings of her made without her knowledge start circulating in society. She ends up hiding in the home of an embittered viscount who wants to be alone…he’s about to get his world shaken up.

Thank you so much for having me here today!
Mary: I also think that if we can conquer the obstacles from keeping us from self-actualization, we can live and love more fully! :) I'm really looking forward to your new Regency series. Tomboy heroines are just icing on the cake!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone will go and pick up a copy of Mischief By Moonlight! It's a great story (I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy :D)

About The Author:
Emily Greenwood worked for a number of years as a writer, crafting newsletters and fundraising brochures, but she far prefers writing playful love stories set in Regency England, and she thinks romance is the chocolate of literature. A Golden Heart finalist, she lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

Author website:
**Giveaway Info**
One lucky commenter will win a copy of Mischief By Moonlight (US/CAN only!) Enter via the Rafflecopter below!
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  1. Great interview! Mischief is always great to read about in romance and having an introverted hero who's a writer makes that even more fun.

    Plus I'm excited for the new series! I l ove a tomboyish heroine.

  2. Mischief in romance is always fun to read. It adds a little spice to a great story and IMO, entertains the reader just a little more!

  3. I agree :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. yes i love mischief they are fun to read denise smith

  6. A fair amount of mischief in romance novels always keeps things exciting! ;)

  7. Yes, little mischief is good, to keep you guessing.

  8. Nancy Saubert LuebkeJune 2, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Sometimes we just need a little mischief in our life.

  9. Kathy Heare WattsJune 2, 2014 at 4:29 PM

    Do you like mischief in romance novels? How much? Yes, it gives character to a story and makes it more interesting! And how much varies from story to story!

  10. Waving hello -- love reading everyone's comments.

  11. A little bit doesn't hurt, just like in life. I just don't like alot!!

  12. A little bit of mischief never hurt anyone.

  13. This book sounds awesome. I really enjoyed the interview, definitely has me even more intrigued and wanting to read this story.

  14. Yes, I love mischief in life and in my reads. Life would be boring without a little naughty and mischief, they go so well together :-)

  15. Ha, actually I agree, Judy. Too much mischief is annoying, like a person who can't stop trying to be funny.

  16. Mischief is fun up to a certain point and if done properly. If not it tends to be pretty annoying... LOL

  17. As someone who loves getting into mischief, it's always fun to read about it! Plus it gives me ideas for what else I can get into :P

  18. Most of the time absolutely! Sometimes it goes beyond mischief and isn't so wonderful. :-)

  19. I like mischief, but I mostly love banter and witty dialogue.

  20. i love mischief romance is in the air denise smith

  21. Of course, I like mischief...a good romance wouldn't be good without a little bit of mischief!

  22. yes, i do like it, and as much as the author likes to put in i am flexable i just like a good book thank you for the giveaway

  23. I like mischief, it keeps things interesting.

  24. I *love* a good dose of mischief in romance, usually in the form of witty repartee. Humor in the course of my day is a GOOD thing.



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