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Friday, May 16, 2014

Interview with Theresa Romain & Book Giveaway

Buried Under Romance is pleased to welcome Theresa Romain again for her fabulous book, To Charm a Naughty Countess! I adored this book, and you can read my 5-star review HERE.

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About The Book:
Brilliant but rumored mad, Michael Layward, the impoverished Duke of Wyverne, has no success courting heiresses until widowed Lady Stratton takes up his cause–after first refusing his suit.
Caroline Graves, the popular Countess of Stratton, sits alone at the pinnacle of London society and has vowed never to remarry. When Michael–her counterpart in an old scandal–returns to town after a long absence, she finds herself as enthralled with him as ever. As she guides the anxiety-ridden duke through the trials of society, Caroline realizes that she’s lost her heart . But if she gives herself to the only man she’s ever loved, she’ll lose the hard-won independence she prizes above all.

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Q: In To Charm A Naughty Countess, Caroline and Michael both couldn't forget their first interactions eleven years ago. Did they have any plans (or dreams) of marrying, or were just enthralled by each other?

Mary, thank you for hosting me today!

Theresa: I’d say it’s more the latter—that they were enthralled by each other. Caroline hoped to marry during her London season, but marriage wasn’t really on Michael’s mind. He was just in London to try to prove to himself that he could hack it (so to speak). At the time of their first meeting, they were both very young. Michael hadn’t inherited his title yet, and Caroline hadn’t figured out how to stand up for herself while charming people. But they each recognized the admirable qualities of the other. They just had to grow up and grow into themselves before they were ready for a HEA.

 Q: Your Matchmaker trilogy all features a bold heroine who initiates matter with the hero. Did this come about deliberately?

Theresa: It wasn’t something I set out to do on purpose! But it makes sense with the kind of heroines they are: two widows and an orphaned heiress at the fringes of the ton. All three of them are financially independent from men, which was unusual for women during the Regency. That independence gives them social power as well as economic stability, and they want to pursue romance on their own terms. For the heroes to win them over, they each have to convince the heroine that they’ll respect her wishes—even as they try to win her whole heart.

Q: This series also seems to have either widow heroines or heroines pretending to be a widow; what makes a widow heroine more fun as opposed to an innocent debutante?

Theresa: The social expectations are entirely different for widows. They had none of those troublesome worries about keeping their reputations pure, so they could have a little saucy enjoyment without anyone thinking worse of them. As a writer, I’ve found these (real or fake) widows to be fun because they can realistically find themselves in a greater variety of romantic and social situations. And they can even take the lead in the romance sometimes!

Q: There is usually a good amount of philosophy infused in your books. How do you incorporate that depth of thinking and complexity in your characters?

Theresa: Thanks; that’s so nice to hear. Honestly, it might be because I’ve always been a worrier, wondering “What if…” That’s a perfect question for a writer, because that’s one way to build stories and characters. What if they had loved each other a long time ago, and unwittingly ruined each other’s reputations? (Ahem, Michael and Caroline.) I get to know the characters as I write, and I work out their problems as they do. It’s not easy on any of us. J But it’s really satisfying by the time the book is done.

Q: What is your writing process like? Do you use notes to help you keep track of the plot and pacing, or is it all in your head?

Theresa: I remember character and setting details pretty well while I’m working, but I take a lot of plot notes to make sure my pacing is on target. This involves lots of jotting into different Word files. Story ideas get scribbled on little pieces of paper and chucked next to my laptop, where I sift through them when I’m ready. It’s…um, not fabulously tidy. 

Q: The heroine of your final Matchmakers book, Augusta, has been trying to find a lover in the events of TCANC; could you share some details about her quest?

Theresa: Augusta is a wounded bird—though she’d probably glare at me for calling her that, because she’s also bright and business-minded and willing to take risks. She has suffered some terrible losses, and she’s gotten used to putting a wall around her feelings. Searching for a lover is the way she hopes to feel less alone without giving up her independence.

The final book in the Matchmaker trilogy, Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress (January 2015), will feature Augusta and a rather sarcastic hero who won’t let her keep that wall up between them. Of course, he has some secrets of his own! You know how romance heroes are.
Thanks so much for sharing your writing insights with me, Theresa! ^_^ I can't wait to read Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress....

SOASH_web resPublication date: January 6, 2015
Series: Matchmakers Trilogy #3
Pre-Order on Amazon | Book Depository

In Bath, misfit heiress Augusta Meredith poses as a merry widow—and thinks acquaintance Joss Everett would make the perfect lover. But wry Joss, an Anglo-Indian with his own secrets, is chasing a blackmailer and cannot indulge in affairs—unless he can convince Augusta to trust him with her heart.

About The Author:
Historical romance author Theresa Romain pursued an impractical education that allowed her to read everything she could get her hands on. She then worked for universities and libraries, where she got to read even more. Eventually she started writing, too. She lives with her family in the Midwest.

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  1. Mary, thanks for hosting! These were fun interview questions.

  2. I am having a great time reading all the posts on this blog tour. I am also loving the cover for Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress. Adding it to my TBR list.

  3. Congrats to Theresa on the new release!!! I agree that this is a very fun tour :) Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Hope you get to it soon, Raquel! :) It's such a great book.

  5. It's certainly fun for me! I love getting the chance to chat with readers. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Raquel, isn't that a gorgeous cover? I love seeing what my publishers come up with.

  7. I am so looking forward to reading this! Are the books in the series connected by characters, or just by a theme?

  8. The books sounds like it is going to be a great read filled w/romance. a little drama, & humor. I am looking forward to immersing myself into the world of Michael * Caronline that Theresa has created!!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. I enjoyed the interview and I'm having fun with Theresa's blog tour. I'm looking forward to reading To Charm a Naughty Countess. :D
    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  10. I find out something new on every blog post I see about your book, Theresa! It makes it so interesting to find out these details. I liked your "what if" explanation for the complexities in your characters...and I also liked your reasoning about widows being a little more free and perhaps a little bit more risque during the Regency period. I can see that, definitely. Thanks so much for this post and for your further information about your writing and this new release.

  11. Great interview ladies! I've been wanting to read To Charm a Naughty Countess for awhile, now I'm getting interested in Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress!

  12. Hi Theresa, love finding out so much more about Michael and Caroline's backstory. I'm glad they waited to get back to each other years later, some things are just better with age! I love the cover of Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress, it's simply gorgeous ( and it reminds me of the cover of Sarah Maclean's One Good Earl Deserves a Lover!)

  13. Hi, Anita! Michael and Caroline's romance definitely had a better chance with time. They can appreciate each other more, I think, having been through so many years and experiences apart.

  14. Yay, glad to hear it, Glenda! :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by, Janice--glad you enjoyed the post. Mary's questions really got me thinking.

  16. Thanks, Barbara! Hope you enjoy the story. :)

  17. Fayth, I am crossing my fingers that you will find the story to be all those things. :) It was definitely fun to write this kind of Pygmalion/opposites-attract romance.

  18. There are some continuing characters, Sharlene. Caroline appeared in the first Matchmaker book, and the hero and heroine of the third show up in To Charm a Naughty Countess. And the matchmaker herself--Caroline's friend Emily--is in all three.

  19. Oh, good to know! I will read them all in order, then. Thanks!

  20. Awesome interview! I have to admit that I have been putting off reading this series for a while I think that I made a dreadful mistake! I will definitely start reading It Takes Two to Tangle!

  21. Zeee, that's very kind of you. :) Hope you enjoy it!

  22. I love a good regency romance and yours look great!

  23. Trinitee Mitchell-DunnMay 18, 2014 at 3:29 PM

    Congrats! Thanks for the chance.

  24. Hi Theresa! I really enjoy finding more about Caroline and Michael at all the different blogs you've stopped by. What's next for you after the Matchmaker trilogy-- Is it top secret stuff or are you allow to share? :-)
    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  25. can't wait to read catlover0112 at yahoo dot com

  26. what glorious covers and such different storylines - these look wonderful!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  27. Congrats on the book, I am looking forward to reading.

  28. Congratulations! I have to say, I love the covers for your books!

  29. Congratulations on the new book, Theresa. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  30. Thanks for the chance to win. This book looks like it is right up my alley. I'm not sure if the contest ended or not. :)



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