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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog Tour: When a Laird Takes a Lady by Rowan Keats (Excerpt & Giveaway)

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When a Laird Takes a Lady
Genre: Historical, Scottish Romance
Elements/Tags: medieval, 13th Century
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Publishing Date: May 6, 2014
Series: Claimed by the Highlander, #2
Format: Print and Ebook
Words: 368 Pages
About The Book:
In the Highlands of Scotland, honor and loyalty are worth more than life itself. But when a haunted woman meets a wronged warrior, love will prove more powerful than anything they have ever known.

Isabail Grant has had to be strong all her life. Over the years, she has lost everyone close to her, and now she’s seeking justice for her brother’s murder. But en route to Edinburgh to petition the king, she is kidnapped by a fierce warrior—and is shocked to find herself irresistibly drawn to her captor.

Aiden MacCurran is an outlaw. The laird of a small clan, he’s been falsely accused of killing the king’s courier and stealing the Crown’s property—and the key to clearing his name and redeeming his clan lies in Isabail’s memories. But Aiden and Isabail must first weather deceit and treachery before they can find the truth and claim the love that’s growing between them....

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I love Scottish heroes. They maybe a little rough around the edges, but they fight for what they believe in...and that usually involves the heroine. Any Scottish warrior is worthy of a sigh, but a Scottish laird—especially a medieval one—can truly make your heart pound. What makes a Scottish laird so interesting?

He will move great slabs of rock to get what he wants...
When he entered the room, he found it empty. The brazier was cold, and there was no evidence that Isabail had passed the night.
The vixen had no doubt disobeyed him and laid her bed in her old hut. Had Aiden not been so weary, he would have sought her out and dragged her back to where she belonged. But her punishment could wait until after he was rested. Aiden dropped onto the pallet and, in a few short moments, found sleep.
“Laird MacCurran?”
He opened one eye and found Muirne staring down at him, her hands wringing the apron tied about her waist.
“How long have I been sleeping?” he asked sitting up on the mattress and sweeping his heavy brown locks away from his face.
“’Tis noontide.”
Perhaps not the sleep his body craved, but it would do. “What is it you seek, Muirne?”
“I fear for Lady Isabail,” she said.
The last cobwebs of his sleep-addled brain were swept aside. “Lady Isabail? Why?”
“She has disappeared,” Muirne said, tears falling. “She’s not been seen since late last night.”
Aiden shot to his feet. “Last night? Why did you not say anything?”
The tears came in earnest now. “She swore me to secrecy. Made me promise not to tell anyone what she was about.”
A cold stillness settled over Aiden. “And what was she about?”
“You have to promise me you won’t punish her,” Muirne begged, dropping to her knees and holding her head. “I would never tell you what I’m about to, save she’s been gone for far too long. I’m certain something terrible has befallen her.”
Her fear was so strong that Aiden’s heart did a tumble in his chest. “Where did she go, Muirne?”
“Into the tunnels,” she whispered. “But I searched for her and there was no sign. It’s as if she just vanished.”
The tunnels? Aiden’s breath caught in his chest. Dear god. Was it possible she’d discovered the tomb and became trapped inside? He tore out of the room and raced across the close. Diving into the tunnel, he jogged down the narrow corridor to the cave, leapt over the flour sacks, and turned the winch. When it was locked into place, he ran for the end of the tunnel and pushed at the great granite slab.
But it would only open part way. Something was blocking its movement.
“Isabail,” Aiden called. “Move aside, I cannot open the door if you remain there.”
No sound came from the pitch black interior of the tomb.
He leaned in as far as the slab would allow and listened carefully. Was that she sound of her breathing? He couldn’t be certain. “Isabail!” he called loudly.
Still no answer.
Striding back to the tunnel he snatched one of the torches from a wall bracket, then returned to the tomb. He shoved the torch through the narrow gap in the door, lighting the passage beyond. And spied a hand. Her hand. The long elegant fingers that were uniquely Isabail’s. She was on the floor directly behind the door. If he forced the door open, he would crush her.

About The Author:
Rowan Keats pens historical adventures involving hot Highland heroes and the women they claim. Both TAMING A WILD SCOT and WHEN A LAIRD TAKES A LADY have earned 4 1/2 star reviews from RT Book Reviews, which labelled her "a rising star of medieval romance."
When not writing, Rowan can frequently be found in a dark movie theater indulging in a large bag of popcorn, or watching the sunrise with a mug of steaming coffee wrapped in her hands. She lives in Central Canada with a goofy black lab, a very talkative cat, and a daughter whose own creative talents awe and inspire her every day.
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  1. I am always excited to discover a new author, especially when it is a Scottish romance (my favorite kind) Can't wait to read When A Laird Takes A Lady!

  2. Congratulating Rowan! On your new release! Very exciting! Have you ever been to Scotland as. I know your from Canada if I remember correctly. Have a super day!

    Barb Massabrook

  3. What an excerpt on this tour stop! Now I MUST READ this book to find out how he moved Isabail so that he could get into the tomb without crushing her. What a hero! Thanks for the post.

  4. I really enjoy Scottish Highland stories, this one is intriguing!

  5. Congratulating Rowan! On your new release!

  6. Sharlene WegnerMay 7, 2014 at 5:02 PM

    Great excerpt! Sounds a little scary!

  7. Good excerpt, thanks for the giveaway

  8. Debbie MccrearyMay 9, 2014 at 2:46 PM

    Great page. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love stories about Highlanders!

  10. Though my surname now is different, a quarter of the blood coursing through my veins runs Clan Ross red. I love stories about the land of my heritage and its inhabitants!

  11. Thank you for the giveaway and prizes!

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