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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition #25

Happy Thursday, everyone! And welcome to a new feature on Buried Under Romance and Love Saves the World.

What is Throwback Thursday?
Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or an image from their past -- usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book blogs that also do a book-related Throwback Thursday. 

The Historical Romance Edition:
Since Tin of Love Saves the World and I are unapologetic lovers of historical romances, we've decided to focus on our beloved genre.

Here are our rules:
1. It must be posted on a Thursday.
2. It must be a historical romance novel published before October 3, 2008.

So, the novel I'm featuring is...
Red Adam's Lady
   Red Adam's Lady by Grace Ingram, published in 1974!!!
The redhead hooted gleefully and grappled Julitta to him, spinning her round adroitly so that she could only kick back at his legs. He heaved her from her feet and slung her over his shoulder. He tried to kiss her, but she ducked her head into the cloak so that her crown caught his chin and made his teeth clack.

"Let me go!" she gasped. "Indeed I am no harlot! My uncle is lord of Chivingham-"

He did not heed her. The girl cried out to the waiting crowd.

"In God's name -help me!"

Lady Julitta, mistaken for a strumpet by Red Adam, the impetuous, scandalous young lord of Brentborough, suddenly found herself married to the very man who tried to ravish her.

She promised herself she would always despise him -but Red Adam was determined to win her love.

Grace Ingram only wrote two books, and I came across this from Jo Beverley's Word Wenches post on her first historical romance. Note the date here - 1974. It has received some great reviews and I am in the process of locating a copy from my library. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it because there's only one copy selling for ~$10 on Amazon, and the rest range from $200-$800! Rare out-of-print book. 

Now, head over to Tin @ Love Saves the World and Ki Pha @ Doing Some Reading for their pick of the week. :-)

Fellow historical romance readers are welcome to join us. Enter your link below so we can visit your TBT: HR Edition post for the week! (Then go here to copy the Link code to your blogs.)

Happy Reading! 


  1. nice choice. I love the setting of this story.

  2. I've never heard of this, but I'm always fascinated by what books introduced people to the romance genre especially authors. I may need to check out my library's holdings too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow, 1974. And that book summary.. it might start as if you want to hate the hero and I wonder how his image will be redeemed in the novel :)

  4. Oh my! They don't make blurbs like that anymore! It's fun that you're looking at books from the 70s! I should try this next week. ^_^

  5. That really is a throwback lol I wonder what historical romances would have been like then...



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