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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blog Tour: Fates for Apate by Sue London (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Buried Under Romance is very pleased to host both the release day launch and the blog tour for Sue London's Fates for Apate, the third in her Haberdashers series! :) This is the second excerpt stop. lol~
Fates for Apate Synopsis:
She was sent to the Congress of Vienna with one simple mission. Observe and report on the Prussian delegation. What she hadn' expected was someone in the delegation observing her. 
Georgiana "George"
 Lockhart grew up as a Haberdasher, one of the girls trained by Robert Bittlesworth to be both armed and dangerous. She has her first assignment through the Foreign Office and needs to distract and use a man she assumes is an opposing agent.

Casimir Rokiczana would do anything for his people. The Congress of Vienna seemed poised to tear his homeland apart and he is working frantically to find a voice with each of the Four Great Powers. In his experience men are often swayed by the opinions of their wives, but the English beauty he has chosen to woo to his cause seems to have more on her mind than a liaison.
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Another day of paperwork, another night of wine and dancing. Certainly there were those who considered this the ideal life, but Cas wasn't one of them. Having exhausted the potential discussions of the evening, he was now holding up a pillar at the edge of the room and swirling wine in his glass in the hopes that a footman wouldn't be inspired to pour more for him. Due to their perceived difference in station, he couldn't even chat with Wladek at these soirees to distract him from the utter boredom of it all. He wished he could go home. His real home. It had been years now since he had been in the forest, or smelled his mother's dumplings cooking when he came home. He missed it in all the spaces between his heartbeats, with every moment between his breaths. But if he did not succeed in his mission here he would never be able to go home. And most likely couldn't even if he did succeed. 
There was movement at the door and two men he didn't recognize entered. It wasn't of any particular surprise, since the minor staff of each delegation forever had someone coming or going. Then the taller, bulky fellow moved and he saw her. Just the upsweep of her pale blond hair, the gracefulness of her neck, her smooth cheek. But something in him responded to her, like the magnet in a compass swinging to north. Surely this moment of intrigue would prove to be passing, but for now at least an introduction would be diverting. He strolled over to Hans von Rosen.
"Who are they?" he asked without preamble, head tipping to the new guests.
Hans gave a ghost of a smile although his posture remained stiff, betraying his military background. "What makes you think I know?"
"Don't be coy with me, Hans," Cas said with a grin. "We all know you know everything."
"Not everything. But perhaps I know something of them."
"British. I didn't catch the names. They only arrived this afternoon." Now Hans did smile as he looked down at Cas. "Certainly it should take at least one full day to learn everything about them."
Cas chuckled and slapped Hans on the shoulder. "All right, I'll give you the rest of a day. But that was enough for now anyway."

About The Author:
Sue London Bio:
Doodlist, scribbler, thinker, planner, and all around fun chick.

What her fans are saying: "...a wit so sharp it should have a warning label..." ~ Dusk Pennington

Sue London began writing short stories about horses and teen sleuths when she was seven years old. After that she traveled to distant worlds, fought with swords and sorcerers, and played with a few undead things. As you might have expected, this means she went into accountancy. Well, maybe that was an odd plot twist, but that's the difference between real life and fiction - fiction has to make sense.

In her twenties she developed a deep affection for romance, especially enjoying the work of Nora Roberts, Mary Balogh and, most recently, Courtney Milan, Rose Gordon, Lauren Royal, Danelle Harmon, and Diane Farr. You can thank those authors for leading a sci-fi tomboy into writing historical romances set in the Regency period.

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  1. This book looks very good. I have read several books by her. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Awesome giveaway! I hope it's International :)

  3. I have the book I just haven't got to it yet!, argh... I wish there were more hours in the day or more weekend days so I could read ;)



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