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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Telling Tales by Charlotte Stein Excerpt & Giveaway~

Telling Tales
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 9781402289590
Allie has held a brightly burning torch for Wade since college. They were part of a writing group together, and everything about those days with him and their friends Kitty and Cameron fills her with longing. When their former Professor leaves them his rambling mansion in his will, it's a chance for them to reunite. But there's more than friendship bubbling beneath the surface.
As secrets are revealed and relationships rekindled, the stories get dirtier and the stakes get higher. And now Allie's realized that she isn't quite sure who she wants…fun-loving Wade, or quiet, restrained Cameron. Neither have been honest about their feelings, and now they have the chance to act on all of the tales that ignite their most ~primal desires.
**GIVEAWAY INFO: To celebrate the release of Telling Tales, Sourcebooks is giving away one copy to a lucky commenter. US/CA only. Please leave a comment with your email and I'll select a winner on March 16th.

 And I guess maybe then I know why it’s easier with Cameron. Because although he’s probably better looking than Wade—-he’s so good looking that it’s blinding, for a moment—-I somehow have this weird little inkling…this little feeling that he won’t say no. Like maybe he understands that I don’t ever expect anything to happen between us, so he can be open with me. Or maybe he just…maybe he’s just like that. He just wants to be hugged, probably.

Even though I’m sure I’ve seen him bend away from a pat on the shoulder, before today.
He doesn’t bend away from a pat this time, however. I put my arms around his middle—-just like that, easy as anything—-and I feel his huge hands spanning my back, so warm and good after all this time. He even smells the same, like that airy aftershave he always used to wear, and then all I can think is how odd it is that I can remember Cameron’s scent.

“It’s so good to see you, Allie,” he says, almost directly into the top of my head. Mainly because he’s six--five and I barely graze the Pembroke on his old and very worn university hoodie—-but then it’s not his height I’m thinking about.

Instead I’m flooding with heat, remembering when I last heard him say something like that. On my answering machine, as I…did stuff. With my legs all over the place and my hand inside my knickers and ohhhh, there it is. There’s discomfort and embarrassment, my old friends!

I pull away from him too quickly and he looks…startled? I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s hard to read the expressions on his immense face, and it gets even harder when he says things like this: “You look really…great. Just very…pleasant.”

Because I remember how often he used to search for words, as though the real, normal, sane ones eluded him. As though his brain constantly wanted to put weird things in there instead, like You look really pumpkin. Just very bicycle.

Odd, that it only makes me want to leap in there with all the casual conversation I don’t usually have, and that he resolutely cannot provide.

“So do you—-I think you’ve gotten even better looking, somehow.”
Which is absolutely true. His mouth looks even plumper, and softer—-Jesus, that lower lip like something out of Hot Blowjobs Monthly. And he’s cut his copper--hinted dark hair so that it kind of swirls all over his head and swoops over his forehead and looks much lazier than he is and oh God, why is he staring at me like that? Am I staring too long at him?

It had seemed easier to do, at first, but now it’s getting harder.

“I think the others might be here,” he says and then I definitely know I stared too long. He’s going to think I’m hot for him or some other nonsense thing, which is completely not the case. Even if my face feels like it’s burning and there’s this funny, tingly ache between my legs as though really? I’m horny again?
Usually it’s once a month and even then I’m pushing it. So what’s going on here, exactly? Is the thought of Wade really such an aphrodisiac?
It must be, because little weird sparks prickle the length of my spine when Cameron puts a hand on my shoulder. Like he wants to steady me as we make our way back down the hallway, like maybe he knows that my heart is hammering and my legs don’t want to keep walking—-even though that’s impossible.
Cameron never knew anything about me, least of all this.

He doesn’t know that I can hardly bear to look Wade in the face, not even when we come to the entranceway and Kitty’s giggling her ass off, camera in hand as usual, snapping away like there’s no tomorrow. And then there’s Wade, my Wade, just standing there with his back half turned as though this is nothing at all, really.

**GIVEAWAY INFO: To celebrate the release of Telling Tales, Sourcebooks is giving away one copy to a lucky commenter. US/CA only. Please leave a comment with your email and I'll select a winner on March 16th.

ABOUT: Charlotte Stein: Award-winning author Charlotte Stein writes short stories, novellas, and novels. Her first novel, Control, was recently called “a non-stop crazy-hot sex book.” When not writing, she can be found watching terrible sitcoms eating jelly turtles. She lives with her husband and their imaginary dog in West Yorkshire.


  1. wow I haven't heard of this author before but the excerpt sounds good

  2. New author to me as well. Love the love triangle.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Who doesn't enjoy a good love triangle now and then?? Or maybe there is a twist we have yet to be aware of ;)

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

  4. Debby, you've been chosen as the winner! :)



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