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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: When Dreams Come True by Cathy Maxwell

When Dreams Come True

  Goodreads | Amazon
Later published by Avon
Widow Haskell and the people of Hobbles Moor gathered around to cast a love spell that will bring the perfect woman for their wonderful Cornish earl, Pierce Kirrier. And it did. In the form of Eden, a young woman rescued by Pierce after being shipwrecked on route to a harem. 

Eden is a brave heroine who grew up in a brothel after being rescued from the London rookries by Madame Indrani, and taught the sensual arts to pleasure her future buyer. This was the fate she was made for, yet she wanted a better one, and in courage she escaped the ship carrying her to her buyer, and found herself in the arms of a handsome, caring man.

Pierce, the Earl of Penhallow, has avoided marriage thus far. But he did because he didn't want a miserable marriage like his mother's, nor did he want only the partial affections of his future bride. It was love he sought, and love he found.

Both characters are graced with good looks, but even when the physical attraction is between the two, Pierce nonetheless sought to do the honorable thing by Eden and never went beyond irreparable boundaries. Their love grew in each interaction, and it wasn't just infatuated beauty, but a caring that went into the heart, and an understanding of what they each sought for in a soul mate. 

The first 3/4 of the book was very breezy and light hearted, filled with humorous interactions as the servants keep pushing Pierce and Eden together (as they believe Eden was given by the spell) and even the mean sentiments expressed by Lady Penhallow became sympathized when her fears were told. The rest of the book was really a test of their love, once Eden's past was revealed. The hurdle the two must face together brought out realistic emotions, and deeply felt ones until the story reaches the final and true HEA, for every marriage must have challenges. 

This book is indeed a page turner, as the pages bloomed with happiness when Pierce and Eden slowly fell in love, and became more turmoiled later on. The resolution of the crisis was simple, and almost a little unbelievable, but it proved the theme of needing a marriage be a true union of souls. The secondary characters proved to be comic reliefs - especially the Willises - and added to the overall gentleness and calmness of the story.

After reading this, I bear a huge smile on my face, and I highly recommend this as an evening read by a cozy fire.


*This is one of my earlier reviews that I forgot to transfer to my blog~ 

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