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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Virtual Tour: What Happens in Scotland/Summer is for Lovers by Jennifer McQuiston (Review, Excerpt, Giveaway)

Welcome to my stop of the blog tour for Jennifer McQuiston's What Happens in Scotland and Summer is for Lovers!

*Avon is hosting a TOUR WIDE Rafflecopter Commenter Giveaway for a Print Copy of WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND and SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS, along with Pack of Mother Mae's Chocolate Chip Shortbread Mix

SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS (Released Sept 24th, 2013)

David Cameron has been tricked. After bringing his supposedly ailing mother to Brighton to take the waters, he’s found himself bombarded with young ladies of marriageable age, while his mother has made a marked improvement. Seeking respite from the hordes, he retreats to a beach he hasn’t seen in years--and finds a woman he’s never quite been able to forget.

Caroline Tolbertson just wants to be left alone. But her mother is determined to see her married off, no matter Caroline’s protests--or her embarassing lack of suitors. Seeing David Cameron, her childhood crush, again sets her heart racing, but she’s older and wiser now. And no, that wasn’t her heart sinking when David suggested a faux courtship instead of the real thing.

But Caroline has never been very good at following the rules, and the fake attraction soon grows into the real thing. Now Caroline has more scandalous pursuits in mind and David is finding it very hard to say no to his gorgeous friend. Will giving in to temptation send them both down a path they each claim to abhor--straight to the altar?

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WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND (Released Feb 26th, 2013)

She woke up married… And then she ran.

 When recent widow Georgette Thorold wakes up in a Scottish inn with a wedding ring on her finger and lacking all memory of how she came to be there, she does what any well-bred lady with a modicum of sense and a distrust of marriage would do: she panics, clocks the wickedly handsome stranger in her bed over the head with a chamber pot, and runs.

James McKenzie, Esquire has either spent the evening protecting a very naïve, and—dare he say it—very drunk young lady from the advances of every disreputable character in the town of Moraig, or he has gone and married a pretty, scheming thief. Not that his own head is entirely clear on the matter, but when the woman in question repays his kindness with a knock on the head, the bill for her room, and the theft of his purse, an embarrassed James is determined to track her down and show her she picked the wrong solicitor to swindle.

As Georgette sets out to discover exactly what happened during her forgotten night, she uncovers a man that seems far more a hero than a rake. But when they finally meet, instead of sweeping her into his arms and kissing her senseless, he serves her with a summons, claiming she is a thief. Now the fight is on, and the only question is was it a night worth remembering? Or a mistake they would both rather forget?

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Review of Summer is for Lovers:
Come experience the delights of Brighton, where the air is fresher, and the love is ever so beautiful. 

At twelve years old, Caroline Tolbertson was already a great swimmer, a talent she used to rescue a David Cameron from drowning, and promptly fell in love with him. Alas, David had his own demons, and the image of the young girl who saved his life faded into the distance...until years later, when they meet again.

At 23, Caroline has to marry well, for her family is near destitute. Being neither beautiful in face nor figure, her inner beauty was often overlooked, the pure and kind soul without yet a chance to surface. Her sole sanctuary was the ocean, where she felt whole and wanted. When she meets David again, fascination flares, yet he is only the second son of a Scottish baron, a man without name or fortune, unable to aid her family.

When news of a swimming competition and a monetary prize offered is announced, David knew that he would have to ask Caroline for guidance if he wishes to win, and in return he would aid her in her matrimonial pursuits.  No talk was made of Caroline's insecurities and lingering infatuation with David, nor David's guilt over his wife's death. Yet in such a magical setting as Brighton, it seems only fitting that Caroline and David would reveal all of each other's secrets until all they have left is each other.

There are many aspects of the story that are fascinating, from the characters to the activity of swimming. Caroline and David have always been honest with each other, genuine with their words, and even more so with their affections. Caroline long realized that her youthful infatuation for David was far less than her love for the wounded, selfless man she had come to known, and I applauded every action she took to end David's self-misery. 

David was an empty shell , a man so swamped with guilt that he doesn't feel he deserves love, much less a life with Caroline. Yet, even in his every frustrating denial of his feelings, one can't help but appreciate how far he's come on his own, marking his own space in an age when second sons were left few options, and his nobleness. His self-sacrifice for his wife made him an noble idiot, and it finally took Caroline to convince him of his worth.

"My father had just died, but because of you, I found hope. Because of you and your encouragement, I continued to swim." (Loc 4137)

However, I feel David's past had been resolved far too quickly -- with a few scant words from his mother -- and his actions did not portray his guilt over his late wife's death. This part felt stilted and a weak link in providing a reason for his not being able to marry Caroline, which was the central struggle of this novel. 

All said and considered, Summer is for Lovers read just like its setting -- soothing, pleasant, and relaxing, providing a frolicking good fun for readers in want of a respite from the more action-filled books. I fell into the lightness of the story despite its character complexities, and enjoyed the exploration on swimming (Caroline's freestyle vs. the gentlemen's breaststroke). Jennifer McQuiston has vividly portrayed the beauty of Brighton, spinning a tale of understanding and fun adventuring that will keep readers entertained for hours. Readers will surely willingly drown themselves into the story, as I have done.

*Review copy courtesy of the publisher for an honest review

Excerpt from Summer is for Lovers:
“Perhaps Mr. Dermott is correct,” she breathed. “Perhaps there is something unnatural about me.”

His shoulder made contact with hers again. This time it stayed, pressed flush against hers. Her skin fairly sang from the contact with this man. She felt the heat radiating off him, sliding beneath her skin and warming the blood in her veins.

“Put that coxcomb Dermott in a box for now and lock him up tight. Do you feel an attraction for men in general? Or to a particular gentleman who has caught your fancy?”
Dear God, she could not be having this conversation. Not tonight.
Not with him.

Her eyes stayed anchored on the luminous moon and its orange halo. She wrapped her lips tight around the words that would be a certain declaration of her feelings for him. The cautious nod she summoned felt as if she were being shaken to her core.
“Then look at me, lass.”

She turned her head toward him. His eyes glittered in the scant light, but they may as well have been illuminated by torchlight. She could not look away.

“You deserve to know what sort of a man—and what type of a kiss—you should be looking for,” he said. “So let’s give this another go.”

And before she knew it, before she had time to even draw a breath, his lips were on hers.
Author Info:
Jennifer McQuiston
A veterinarian and infectious disease researcher by training, Jennifer McQuiston has always preferred reading romance to scientific textbooks. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, their two girls, and an odd assortment of pets, including the pony she promised her children if mommy ever got a book deal. Jennifer can be reached via her website at or followed on Twitter @jenmcqwrites.
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  1. Thank you so much for having me on, and for the lovely review! (FYI, the excerpt is labeled as being from What Happens in Scotland, but it is actually from one of my favorite scenes in Summer is for Lovers).

    1. Hi Jennifer! I'm so pleased to have the honor of hosting you. LOL The tour sheet was incorrect then. ^_^ I should have realized, but I'm been too tired recently.

      Can't wait for Moonlight on My Mind!

      p.s. I'm surprised you're awake at this hour in EST!

  2. Hi Mary!Hi Jennifer! Love the review and the excerpt! have a beautiful day!

  3. I love an historical hero because it seems romantic to me.,thank for the contest and review,loved it

  4. Love historical heroes because, although they are sinful rakes, they are still gentlemen looking for their very own HEA, even if they do it fighting all the way!

  5. I love historical heroes because they're a combination of alpha and beta heroes, and so swoon-worthy! :)

  6. I love their mind set. They are brave and courageous. Dressed in clothes of the past is very cool!

  7. Why do YOU love a Historical Hero? I love their courage and the way they treat a woman.

  8. I love history and historical heros have different rules to follow (or not) and a different mindset about how women should be treated (usually). There's more of an escape from daily life when reading about them!

    These are wonderful books! I can't wait for Moonlight!!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway. I like historical heroes because although they're usually an alpha, the heroine doesn't let him get away with much.

  10. Why I love historical heroes? Because it allows me to imagine that I'm the heroine in need of rescuing lol. Well I love them because as annoying ad rude they can be, they are always there for the heroine or their family

  11. this sounds fantastic! Congrats to Jennifer on her newest release ;) I like Scottish heroes b/c they are the epitomy of strong, sexy and have an accent! LOL... sucker for the brogue!

  12. Historical heroes are from an different era. So if there is a bit of fantasy in the story, it''s still believable to me. And of course, they are always handsome and macho.

  13. I love historical heroes because they remind me of a true gentleman. They draw you in with their cunning ways and win your heart!

  14. I love historical heros because they usually have a lot more manners and are chivalrous whereas nowadays most men are not. Its just so much more romantic when the hero is a gentleman.



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