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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview & Cover Reveal: The Duke of Moreweather's Secret by Amylynn Bright (+ Giveaway!)

Buried Under Romance is pleased to welcome historical romance author Amylynn Bright for an interview and cover reveal of her upcoming book, The Duke of Moreweather's Secret

And here's the cover! 

**Amylynn will be giving away one ARC digital copy of The Duke of Moreweather's Secret to one lucky commenter! 

About the Book: 
Thea Ashbrook comes to London on a mission to do right by her half-brothers — not to find a husband. Homesick for Greece, she causes an incident at a Salon lecture on Greek architecture where she is introduced to the annoyingly handsome Duke of Morewether. The gossips have told her of every deviant escapade for which he’s so famous, and she is not impressed. When she discovers that his love of family mirrors her own, she gives herself permission to open her heart to him.
Christian, Duke of Morewether, is infamous for his scandalous ways. He thinks his life lacks nothing, until he meets Miss Althea Ashbrook and, for the first time in his life, he finds himself tongue tied. When his past comes back to haunt him, it will take all his powers of persuasion to convince Thea he is worthy of her love. 
The duke has a secret – one that Thea thinks she could never forgive and sends her racing for home. To find redemption and win her back, Christian must realize mistakes can’t be ignored forever.

The secrets you keep can change your life forever.

Preorder links to come!

Interview with Amylynn:

1. What was the inspiration behind The Duke of Morewether's Secret?

I do love me a handsome duke. Also, he has been a character in the two previous Secrets Books – Lady Belling’s Secret and Miss Goldsleigh’s Secret. He was one of my favorite guys and he really needed his own book – by a lady who could give him the set down of a life time.

2. What scene was the most fun to write in this book? 

I really love writing scenes with comedy – oddly that also often means someone is drunk. I think my favorite scene of all comes when the duke drunkenly wakes up his friend Anna in the middle of the night to help him apologize to his beloved. Or the scene where several drunks come to see if the duke has a peg leg.   It’s definitely a toss up.

3. If you could have any of your characters to be your best friend, who would it be?

I think it must be Miss Anna Sinclair. She’s a mouthy little thing who knows what’s best for everyone. She’s also very funny and sarcastic. She’s played a part in every single one of the Secrets books. I think it’s about time she got her own story – and I know just who to toss at her to drive her the most crazy.

4. Which themes are usually found in your books?

I’m a huge fan of comedy. I’m not sure I could write a book completely straight. Besides, there’s nothing quite so grand as cutting an uppity duke down to size.
5. What's coming next for you?
In a change of pace, I have a series coming out through Carina Press – Cooking Up Love comes out in June – A restaurant reviewer who can’t even boil water takes a cooking class from a gorgeous chef whose career was ruined by a review. A bit different from what I usually write, but I think anyone who enjoys the banter in my historicals will enjoy this book too.
About the Author:
Amylynn Bright was reading well before kindergarten and has had a book in her hands ever since. In fact, she once swallowed a bug while walking home from school because she was too busy reading.

The natural progression from reading to writing began with the completion of her first novel, The Lonely Crayon, in the third grade. A poignant character drama of the white crayon, it won first place in a school competition. With novel-writing firmly in her grasp, she evolved to writing screen plays to entertain her girl-scout troop, and advanced to a soap-opera worthy drama in high school.

One day, a dear friend handed Amylynn a romance novel and told her to read it. The literary snob in her rebelled, but thanks to an exceptionally long stop light, she picked it up and angels sang. Thanks to Julia Quinn, Amylynn fell in love, so to speak, with romance. She has read approximately 564,493 romance novels since that fated stop light moment and figured she’d give romance writing a go.

….And they all lived happily ever after

Visit her at her website
Facebook: Amylynn Bright Author
Twitter: @amylynnbright
Find her at The Quill Sisters
Thanks for your great answers, Amylynn! Don't you think the cover is just lovely? ^_^

**Amylynn will be giving away one ARC digital copy of The Duke of Moreweather's Secret to one lucky commenter! 


  1. I'd love to read about another alien romance :) And a London gentleman might just increase the excitement :)

    1. And he's a mighty handsome Londoner at that!

  2. I have LOVED your past two books, cannot wait for this book. Pick me please.

    1. Wow! Thanks Sharon! I'll cross my crossables for you!

  3. Thanks for the info Mary!!! Amylynn Bright is a new author to me!!! So interested now!!!

    1. Hopefully I make a fan out of you!

  4. Welcome Amylynn!!! I love the Secrets books!!! And I'm super excited about this one~

    And I'm looking forward to that new series you're working on for Carina Press!

    1. Thanks so much! I really love this new book and the one for Carina is a really fun ride.

  5. My favorite HR reads should have a hunky hero, a feisty heroine, love, humor and of course, a remarkable HEA, and I am glad to say that your books have all of that and more. Can't wait to read about the Duke's secret!

  6. This is my first book by this author and would love to win it so I can read it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Amylynn!

    I love your books and one of the reasons is I so love is for a aristocrat to be put in his place by a damsel!

    I loved reading both Miss Goldsleigh's Secret and Lady Belling's Secret last year and was wondering if you knew yet when The Duke of Moreweather's Secret will be released? (I tried to pre-order was it's showing yet on Amazon).

    Even though I read historical romance for the romance I love how you bring just enough humor into your stories that I usually end up loving the humor in them that brings the characters to life for me. It really helps me to connect to them in a way that at times I actually feel like I'm sitting in some corner of the room listening to exchange that I shouldn't be hearing!

    That's one of the reasons your books are so much fun to read - your characters are "real people" and not "perfect" but instead someone a reader can connect with and think of something in their own life that they had the same feeling of connection with that certain someone!

    Can't wait to find out when The Duke of Moreweather's Secret will be released!

    1. WOW! I adore that you get my humor. I love to laugh and I can't imagine writing people who don't laugh as well. I'm just waiting for my agent and Amazon to get the manuscript uploaded. If you sign up for my newsletter at I'll make sure you know when it's coming out. In the next couple of weeks for sure.

  8. I would love to read this book for a fair and honest review

    1. I sure hope you win it! And enjoy it!

  9. This sounds like a really good plot. Can't wait to read it. I really like the cover too. Kinda like a naughty secret, holding hands.

    1. Making the Secrets Series covers was so much fun - just a little hint of what the secret might be....

  10. Yummy & a big yes to handsome Dukes. I want to know what his secret is...

  11. Wow! Your new project with Carina Press sounds very interesting! Congratulations on the forthcoming release of The Duke of Moreweather's Secret!

  12. Nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. Ha! I just found this-- love the cover and this one sounds very funny!! If you haven't picked anyone yet for the ARC, pick me, pick me, please!

  14. DUKE looks like a fun book. I love the cover! I'm thinking your new project will be great too -- it figures that a restaurant reviewer can't even boil water yet has power of people who live for cooking. ;-)



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