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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog Tour: Marriage by Arrangement by Anne Greene (Interview)

Buried Under Romance welcomes Anne Greene today, for her novel Marriage by Arrangement. Anne has come and answered a few curious questions of mine. :)

** Anne will be awarding a digital copy of Masquerade Marriage – book one in the series, to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop during the tour, and a Grand Prize of a 20.00 GC to the Pelican Book Group website to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

About the book:

Why does a handsome, powerful noble of the highest rank in England stoop to marry a mere Lady of Lowland Scotland?

Are the whispered stories about him true? With his shadowy past and strange behavior, what awful secret does he hide? Each change of clothes transforms him into a different man.

Can Lady Cailin keep her vow to make her marriage happy and successful, unlike that of her parents, or must she arrange for the Duke's accidental death? 
Buy Links: Amazon | B&N 
Interview w/ Anne: 
1. How did you get into writing historical romance?

Historical romance is my favorite type of book to read, so naturally I started writing in that genre.

2. What was the inspiration behind MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT?

My husband and I took a three week journey within Scotland and the UK. I’m of Scottish ancestry and knew a great deal of Scottish history and mores and fell in love with the country and the people. I wondered what happened to the numerous clans that had once lived in the Highlands. So I investigated. Masquerade Marriage and Marriage By Arrangement tell that fascinating story. My books begin at that crucial time in history that changed the Highlands forever.  

3. How do you incorporate Christian ideals in your books?

My Christian message evolves naturally from the conflict in my books. My characters face obstacles that arise from the story and that may raise questions about what they believe and why they believe. Or the difficulties may reveal a new facet in the character’s personality which he or she must deal with in light of what they believe. Or my characters might need strength for a certain problem they face. Any number of situations bring my characters face to face with a need to either add a spiritual foundation to their life or rely on faith they already possess. I don’t start with a theme. The theme arises from the characters as they struggle to overcome whatever problem their background and circumstances force them into.

4. What are some things you would like readers to get out of reading this book?

First I love for my readers to be transported to a different world they can experience that takes them out of the everyday world they live in. Their life might be a bit boring, and I give them excitement. Their life might be stressful, and I give them escape and an outlet for their mind and heart. Their life might be lonely, and I give them hope and a new place to go to find love and companionship. Then I like my readers to learn things they may not have known. I love knowledge and expect my readers to enjoy learning. I take them into a new world where they can experience other times and places. I want my readers to fall in love with my characters, so they enjoy revisiting them and rereading my books. I want to uplift my readers with the knowledge that love overcomes a multitude of problems.

5. What's coming next in the series, or for you? 

I have a couple books that my agent is shopping. Several publishers are interested in my WWII novel, Angel With Steel Wings.1942 – With World War II in full swing, spunky Mandy McCabe escapes her dead-end life in Hangman’s Hollow, Tennessee, and joins the Women Air Force Service Pilots, the WASPs, and test flies any plane a male pilot can handle. After his wife dies in a fiery plane crash while training for the WASPs, Mandy’s commanding officer, Harvey Applegate, works to shut down the WASP program. His objective—no more dead women pilots on his watch. On behalf of her sister pilots, Mandy fights to continue the WASP program, but didn’t expect to fall in love with Harvey and his motherless son. Will he send her back to the sticks to protect her? With the WASP program in jeopardy, can two people with such opposite goals find lasting love? 

My agent’s also shopping my contemporary, Murder In Istanbul. In a single day, an archeologist discovers her brother’s been kidnapped, her purse stolen, and she’s alone in a foreign city with only a mysterious stranger to help. And someone wants the secret she hides…enough to kill her.

Nicole Phillips’ husband died in a mysterious plane crash. She fears falling in love again with the reckless, danger-loving type like her late husband. 
Josh Bainbridge, the CIA analyst using her as bait to track the kidnapper, is just such an adventurous man. Besides living on the edge, he’s bitter about women and questions God. The kidnapper murdered Josh’s brother. He seeks Nicole to use her to force her brother to reveal the secret that leads to fortunes in antiquities. After the kidnapper learns the secret hidden in the map, he will kill both Nicole and her brother.

There’s a third book in the Scottish Marriage Trilogy, but that one is still in the idea stage.
Thanks for your great answers, Anne!

And here's an excerpt:
      Avondale swiped off his hat and wiped sweat from forehead. After last night, he’d risen early and ridden all day. Thus far the hordes of soldiers had not bothered any of Castle Drummond’s people.

      When the soldiers began their search of the castle, he’d stood outside the front door, hand on his sword, praying Brody and the wounded men had disappeared without a trace of their having been inside the Broch. But he’d had to ride off before the two bodyguards regained their senses. He’d left a note pinned on the insides of Hennings’ and Rafe’s jackets. They must not follow him. At the risk of their own lives, they must protect Cailin and the babe. When the laudanum he’d administered them wore off, they would guard her with their lives.          

      He’d seen from his perch on the distant hilltop that the Redcoats had thoroughly searched the castle and grounds. Some still lingered, but he could not. Urgency drove him.
      Scores of Redcoats were underfoot everywhere, popping out from the forest, riding up over the hills, threading through Kirkmichael’s streets. Hundreds stalked the Lowland countryside on foot. Others thundered past on horseback. 
      He’d raised his coat of arms to fly over each cluster of cottages dotting the great estate, and King George’s soldiers had respected his banner. They searched homes, but had taken no prisoner on MacMurry lands.
      He beat dust from his shoulders. His tongue clung to the roof of his mouth and all but falling from his saddle in weariness, he’d ridden further afield to the cottages in Kirkmichael, the adjoining bergh. He heard rumors that soldiers rounded up one or two Scottish peasants at each cottage they rode up to, ravished the women, and pillaged the farms and stores. With no opposing army to protect the peasants, and the Red Coats goaded by the Duke’s proclamation, the people were at the mercy of the soldiers.
       And he had long since crossed the boundary of MacMurry land.
       He stiffened his back and put his hand on his sword.
Author Info:
 ANNE GREENE delights in writing about wounded heroes and gutsy heroines. Her second novel, a Scottish historical, Masquerade Marriage, won the New England Reader Choice award, the Laurel Wreath Award, and the Heart of Excellence Award. The sequel Marriage By Arrangement released November, 2013.  A Texas Christmas Mystery also won awards. She makes her home in McKinney, Texas. Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord when she was twenty-one and Chuck Swindoll is her Pastor. 
Anne’s highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. 

View Anne’s travel pictures and art work at

Buy Anne’s books at Or at

Visit for information on writing an award-winning novel. 
Talk with Anne on twitter at @TheAnneGreene. Visit Anne’s Facebook page at
** Anne will be awarding a digital copy of Masquerade Marriage – book one in the series, to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop during the tour, and a Grand Prize of a 20.00 GC to the Pelican Book Group website to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


  1. I loved this excerpt. It is sad, but that is the way things were then. I am going to read this book for certain.

  2. Thanks so much for inviting me to this really interesting blog! I love readers! You are much appreciated.

  3. Mom Jane it's so good to see you here. I'm so very happy Marriage By Arrangement appeals to you. I know you will also love the first book in the series, Masquerade Marriage and you have so many chances to win it. Thanks for your comments.

  4. I love Scottish stories, too, Anne. How awesome to have that ancestry. I've got you TBR if life ever slows down and lets me READ again. Best wishes for much success...each book sounds incredible in its own way. My love to you...

    1. HI Tanya, So happy to see you here. Yes, I rather like my ancestry, it's fun to belong to a clan. But other than write about it, I don't do much else with it. I don't parade during the yearly Scottish festival or man our Clan booth. But it's fun. And thanks for the kind words about my books.

    2. You'll have to have a booth and sign your books at the Scottish games sometimes! We attended in San Diego a few years rocked. There were romance authors there, signing. I seriously avoided the haggis but there is plenty of other food. And of course Scotch tasting tent LOL. The highlight was the caber tosses...they were awesome!

    3. How I'd love to attend! Lucky you, Tanya! :)

    4. I've done everything at the Scottish Festival--everything. Except I haven't done a book signing. Were the authors successful?

    5. Mary, just look for a festival in your area. I think they visit most large cities. A good second or maybe first is reading Marriage By Arrangement. I hope you do!

  5. The excerpt looks fascinating! I have added the two form this series to my wish list and TBR list. My husband's family tree goes back to Scotland and we are learning more and more about the area, the history and his family. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading your books!

    1. HI Lisa, Have you attended the Scottish Festival in your area. It's a lot of fun and you see more kilted men than you do in Scotland. Visiting there was such a great experience. If you have not journeyed to Scotland, I hope that you can.

  6. Great interview. I love the cover!! Tweeted and shared on FB

    1. HI Ella, I see you are a writer! Congratulations. Thanks so very much for tweeting and sharing on FB, I really appreciate you. I enjoyed the interview and am happy you did too.

  7. Hi Anne, don't really know anything about you or your books, but I saw a link on FB with your title, Marriage by Arrangement. Just earlier today I was reading some about ancient marriage customs, such as arranged marriages, and how some of the biblical references to marriage in Proverbs might apply to those settings.Your book sounds very interesting (I am a history person, so that aspect of it catches my attention) and I hope it does well. I appreciate your Christian emphasis in your work.

    Enjoyed the "visit," Mary.


  8. HI Warren, Welcome! I'm so glad you came to visit. I too am a history lover. And Marriage By Arrangement has a lot of history woven into the story. Most of it eye-opening for readers. And thank you for your kind words about my Christian emphasis. Nice talking with you.

  9. Sounds intriguing! I thought it was interesting that you don't start with a theme, but notice if one develops. I think I tend to write the other way around, starting with a theme and working around it. :)

    falcondraco (at) Hotmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Leslie, yep, all us writers work differently! Thanks for visiting.

  10. Nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  11. Looks like a great set of books. The excerpt is pretty depressing with realism of historical events.

    1. Hi Glenda, thanks for visiting. I think you'll find the book not at all depressing.

  12. Anne...You're a new-to-me author. It's nice to meet you.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  13. HI Cathy Lee, I love for readers to meet me for the first time. The ones I hear from all seem to become fans. I hope you will also.



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