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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog Tour: The Love List by Elena Murzello (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Buried Under Romance welcomes Elena Murzello today, here to talk about her book, The Love List: A Guide to Getting Who You Want. (There's a giveaway at the bottom, so read on!)

** There are multiple prizes being given away for this tour -> Click Here to join! 

About the book:
Elena Murzello cannot imagine going to the grocery store without a list. As she strolls through the aisles, she relies on her list to make sure she gets her must-haves and to help keep her from grabbing items she does not need. It was with this theory in mind that, at age twenty-one, she created a list of characteristics for a potential lifelong mate that still guides her love choices to this day.

In The Love List, Elena shares her real- life experiences as well as information gathered from more than a hundred single, divorced, and married men and women about the qualities they look for in a life partner. Abstracting details from her interviews she created a process that anyone can use to create his or her own lists. Along with introspective questions to ponder, Elena includes sample lists of characteristics, the top three traits both men and women seek in a partner, an exploration of different types of relationships, and ways to diversify a portfolio of suitors.

The Love List provides practical tips and personal stories to encourage single people to look deep within, take risks, and learn to rely on their own unique lists while searching for the perfect mate.
Writing The Love List and What Inspired It:
It was the summer of 2011, when I begrudgingly surfed the Internet helping my friend for a Nicaraguan toy drive she was holding when an advertisement for a book publication caught my eye.  I really can’t say what compelled me to read on further and then submit a pitch but I’m glad I did.

Skip to two years later and I was finally holding my very first copy of The Love List in my hands, excited for the launch process to begin. But how did it go – from and idea to book?

My pitch was created on sort of a whim – I know I had lots of things I could talk about … school (nursing or business) travel, acting, fashion and design. But nothing really resonated and tugged at my heartstrings more than the idea of the Love List.

The List that I created when I was in my early twenties, served as a base for finding my first boyfriend. This list included 55 characteristics and qualities I was looking for in a potential mate. When the relationship ended a new list was created (I’m told it’s still quite lengthy at 23 characteristics).

I didn't think that it was possible to be the only one who thought in ‘List-like’ proportions.  And I was interested to see what others had to say about my idea. Enter pitch here!

As a first time author, and not knowing any other published authors – I felt that I was thrown into a deep end of the swimming pool and I was barley-treading water. How do you begin writing a book? Easy – you just start writing.

But after a few months of ‘just writing’ I learned – I really needed a skeleton to transform abstract ideas into focused subjects that then turned into my chapters.  

Please keep in mind – while writing this short novella I was also working full time and enrolled in a part time MBA program. So while my publisher would often give me soft deadlines, it was hard to juggle everything at once and a few months often turned into 6-month periods.

My process was sporadic. I would often write whenever I felt like I mentally could put down a profound thought. Some days I would write a few paragraphs and then leave it for another month. Cell phones are magical and I wrote half my book on my phone while on transit.

For the interviews I conducted with friends and friends of friends – I had a notebook that was filled and then information that would be transcribed into an excel spreadsheet. It sounds very technical – but I think it was a good way to organize my thoughts.

The research was easy. There are so many books written on love and relationships – I was hard to narrow it down to a mere 14 resources. It was also hard not to cloud my thought process with already published thoughts (read: plagiarism)! I didn’t want my book to be heavy on the research and fall short on the original content either. But I figured that since I was an unofficial authority of love and relationships – I should seek the opinions of professionals with the like mind.

All in all, for my first book – I’m excited with the result and I can’t wait for you to read it!


Thank you for coming, Elena. It's really cool how you compiled a list of characteristics of what men and women seek in a partner, and even more so that you balanced writing with getting your degree. :) 

About Elena Murzello:
Elena Murzello is a multifaceted, multi-tasker, and certainly a "go-getter". She is a registered nurse, actress, writer, traveler, design engineer and soon-to-be MBA grad. Elena was born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta and now is a city girl living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Youtube Channel:
Twitter: @ElenaMurzello
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