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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: A Matter of Duty by Sandra Heath

A Matter of Duty by Sandra Heath
Publication date: June 1, 2007
Goodreads | Amazon

Summary from Goodreads:
Handsome and wealthy, Lord Christopher Highclare made it painfully clear why he was asking a virtual nobody like Miss Louisa Cherington to be his wife. He had made a promise to her dying brother to do so, and was honor-bound to keep that vow. Proud and beautiful, Louisa made it just as clear why she was accepting this man who not only made no pretense of loving her, but made no secret of the ravishing woman who was his mistress. Louisa, too, was bowing to the wishes of her late brother, who wanted to rescue her from poverty and the peril of Captain Geoffrey Lawrence, the notorious rake who was in hot pursuit of her. Thus, these two were bound to marry—and bound to wonder what would happen.
1. Instead of one, there are two Big Misunderstanding tropes; one is credible, the other not. My reading journey was fraught with frustration at the hero and the heroine.

2. It is quite sad that the one character with any perspicacity is a secondary character - the hero's grandfather. In fact, if it were for him pushing the heroine to declare her love at the end, there would be no HEA. And might I add this end reconciliation happened near the absolute end?

3. I simply would not recommend this to anyone. It would be a waste of your money - considering the possible shipping fees for this older book - and time.

Given the scarce number of reviews up for this book, I felt compelled to voice my opinion on it. The entire book is filled with unresolved misunderstandings which, unlike the usual Big Misunderstanding trope, was not resolved through communication because neither the hero nor the heroine believed what the other said. And faced with such a fact, what else can be done?

It is very difficult to believe Kit and Louisa's love, because for nearly the entirety of the book Kit believed Louisa was a wanton who had welcomed Captain Geoffrey's advances, and Louisa that Kit is still in love with the woman he wished to marry - his ex-mistress and wife of the man who killed Louisa's brother in a duel.

Rating: 2 tulips

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